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Alisa Clickenger
Founder and Lead Tour Guide


A road rider for almost twenty years, Alisa Clickenger (MotoAdventureGal) has toured alone on almost every continent. Having fallen in love with the roads less traveled, she has ridden over 70,000 off-road miles in the last five years; her longest trip riding solo for seven months in Mexico, Central and South America. Alisa loves sharing her passion for motorcycling through her writing, public speaking, and motorcycle tours. Her “Womens Empowerment Motorcycle Tour” is designed as a rolling classroom to teach other women the basics of how to tour alone or in a group. Combining personal coaching, skill building and in-tour seminars, her goal is to support and empower other women riders to achieve their two-wheeled dreams. Alisa’s blog or her motorcycle travels around the globe can be read at www.MotoAdventureGal.com.

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Magdalena (Magda) Jusiewicz MSF Instructor


Magda Jusiewicz aka Moto Yaga lives in Colorado. She is a motorcycle enthusiast and MSF instructor who enjoys long range motorcycle travels as well as afternoon rides in the canyons of The Rockies. She always finds herself deep in adventures or hiking with her two and a half dogs (two shepherds and a corgi). Her favorite part of riding is being alone on the bike and meeting new people in new places. Her motto: “Ride safe and have fun”.


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