Our “Women’s Empowerment Motorcycle Tour” is a unique concept for motorcycle tours. Designed as a rolling classroom, we will teach you “how” to tour on a motorcycle. Besides the normal tour itinerary and riding enjoyment, we will include pre-trip personal coaching, skill building exercises, and mid-tour seminars to give every tour member a toolbox of skills they can rely on when planning or implementing their own future trips.

We’ll ride many of the best roads in the Pacific Northwest, see a variety of landscapes, and ride in a variety climates. We’ll make time each day to take care of ourselves, and since we’re riding our own machines we’ll learn to look after them a bit as well. We’ll eat delicious food, we’ll sleep in comfortable mid-range hotels, and we’ll even have a rest day.

Who is this tour meant for? Any woman rider that wants to learn touring techniques from experienced riders. Female motorcyclists that simply want to take a tour with in an all-female group are also welcome. Attendance at the seminars and participation in the coaching is entirely optional. We’ll make it fun to learn and you’ll go home with lots of lists, ideas, skills and inspiration!

Already done some touring and just want to ride with other women? No problem. Everyone can choose their own level of participation–every day.

Why ride my own motorcycle? By riding your own motorcycle, you’ll feel more comfortable. It’s also a great opportunity to learn to set up your own motorbike to be more comfortable for long distance travel, as well as to practice packing and repacking on your own ride. After all, we want to get you comfortable rolling on your own journeys, which will be on your own bike back home.

Do I have to ride my own motorcycle? No, you can also rent a motorcycle from an agency near our base city of Seattle. Let us know if you need help with that.

Do I have to ride with the tour guide? Absolutely not. We’ve chosen some of the best roads our region has to offer, and you are more than welcome to ride them on your own, or with a buddy from the tour, and meet up with the group in the evening for dinner. This way you can take advantage of the route guidance, hotel discounts, and camaraderie of the tour, yet ride your own ride.

What special Skills do I need? You definitely need to be able to ride a motorcycle. While you don’t need to be 100% confident in all situations, we’re not going to teach you how to ride a motorbike. (We’re qualified to do that but it’s not the focus of this tour.) The tour focus will be empowering women that can already ride to take the next step and (a) go for a long ride and (b) learn how to confidently tour by themselves (if they so choose).

We’re going to boost your confidence, we’re going to give you some coaching to get you on your way towards riding a long distance, and we’re going to show you that you can have a fun and rewarding trip even if you can’t find a riding partner.

How much riding experience do I need before coming on this tour? You need to have ridden at least 2,000 miles. Ideally, you will have taken both the Beginner and the Experienced MSF Rider Courses.

Why All Women? Women learn differently from men. We want to provide a structured, nurturing, non-judgmental environment where women can gain confidence riding in a group, riding on their own, and where they can learn the skills necessary to go for a motorcycle ride by themselves if they choose.

How many people will be on the tour? Our maximum on any tour is 12 women.

How do I get my bike there? You have a couple of options. You can ship your bike at your own expense, either to a warehouse or motorcycle shop. They’ll unpack your bike, do any requested maintenance, and your bike will be ready and waiting for you to pick it up. Let us know if you need more information. Otherwise, ride!

It’s our hope that if you already have a riding partner, or experienced riding friends, they’ll escort you to the tour start. Don’t let it stop you if you cannot see a way to get to the start point! Call or email us, and we’ll brainstorm a solution with you. We’ll make it happen for you.

Can I just rent a motorcycle? Absolutely. Let us know if you need information on rental agencies in the Seattle area.

What special things do I need for the tour? We have a complete list for you when you join the tour. One of the things we’re going to do is inventory your current riding gear and make sure you are well protected. That means riding gear that covers all of your skin; long pants (we’ll tell you why motorcycle pants are better than jeans), jacket, gloves. We also want you to wear over-the-ankle boots, and a DOT approved helmet.

It may seem obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: You’ll need to be 21, have a valid motorcycle license and your own motorcycle insurance. For insurance purposes you’ll need to wear a helmet at all times, even though we may ride through some states which don’t require helmets.

Do you have a packing list? Of course. You’ll get that when you sign up!

What if my bike is not set up for touring yet? No problem! We have a complete list for that too! (Yes, we have lots of lists!) Pre-trip coaching begins through a series of emails and telephone conferences, so we’ll go over all that with you one-on-one if needed and with the group. We’re working on some partnerships to get you accessory discounts as well.

What about all my luggage? Since the whole point of the tour is to practice traveling, you are going to have to find a way to pack everything you want to bring on your own motorcycle. Don’t panic—we’ll give you a list of essentials and tips on reducing the quantity of things you’ll initially be tempted to bring along. We’ll also do some coaching along the way to make sure you have everything you need without being overloaded.

We’ll be staying in nice mid-range hotels every night, so you don’t have to pack camping gear unless you want to.

Special note about camping: Alisa is happy to offer a camping segment on some tours. When you fill out your tour application, we’ll ask if you want to camp one night to “practice”, and we’ll have a segment dedicated to camping if 4 people elect that module. Don’t worry—you won’t camp if you don’t want to!—the group will split up overnight.

What’s Included in the Tour Price? Pre- and post trip coaching, hotel rooms, breakfast every tour day and all dinners except for the one rest day when you can go out to dinner on your own.

What’s Not Included in the Tour Price? Your expenses getting you and your bike to the tour start, bike maintenance, your gas, your lunches, tolls, park and museum fees, and anything you buy along the way. We don’t have a problem with adult beverages after the riding day is complete, but you’ll pay for those yourselves. We are AMA members, and we encourage everyone on the tour to join for a variety of reasons, including AMA’s available roadside assistance coverage program.

Is this tour on pavement? Yes, this is a pavement only tour.  Thanks for the good idea! Soon we hope to offer a dual-sport version of this tour.

What about the weather? The beauty of our tour is that we cover so much diverse terrain we’re also bound to encounter diverse weather. Quality motorcycle gear keeps you warm and dry and comfortable, and we’ll help you learn about layering so when we ride those mountain passes you don’t freeze.

Why Should I go with You? We love empowering women. We come at it in different ways, but all guides have been helping other riders for years, especially women. Some guides are MSF instructors, Alisa as a moto-journalist and demo ride leader. All tour leaders are also experienced tour guides and have toured extensively alone and in groups, and on several continents.

We are responsible riders. Each of us has taken a great many rider skills improvement courses, we wear all the gear all the time, and combined we have ridden more than a half million miles in our riding careers.

Over the years all of us have worked at myriad motorcycle events and done public speaking to encourage women riders to ride on their own and discover what can only be discovered within themselves from traveling on two wheels. Plus we’re pretty cool chicks!

How do I sign up? Request the Tour Application and return it to us along with the deposit and you’re IN.

Let us know if you have more questions!

Contact Alisa@womensmotorcycletours.com for more information on tours or call her at 562-395-3830.